Field Balancing Machine


    PdM Solution performs fan, impeller, flywheel balancing and often times finds that there are other problems present. It is very important to be able to identify and repair these other problems before balancing is accomplished. This is when you use our service for machinery balancing you will receive full vibration spectral analysis on the unit.


    This not only helps us in balancing your machine, but also makes sure your machine is running in optimal condition. Performing full vibration spectral analysis actually reduces the time spent on balancing because other problems are identified and considered in the balance formulas. 


    After the completion of the on-site work, you can expect a report within (5) working days. The report will consist of all pertinent information which was gathered during the job. This information may include: 

        - Machine history 
        - Balance status 
          - Tolerance specifications
          - Initial balance magnitudes
          - Final balance magnitudes
          - Percent reduction of balance magnitudes
          - Before and after vibration spectrums
          - Baseline vibration signature on the entire unit  



  • DigivibeMX M30

  • 1 & 2 Plane Dynamic Balancing

  • DigivibeMX M10

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