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    PdM Solution is your predictive maintenance specialist and offers service, onsite support for equipment reliability for all industries. Some customers utilize our services to fill all of their PdM requirement.

    Our field service team will support all aspects of starting and maintain a preventive maintenance program tailored to fit customer's specific applications. We provide a combination of disciplines including condition monitoring, vibration analysis, dial indicator and laser alignment, motor testing and balancing service. Understanding and responding to your technical needs is the core responsibility and utmost attention of our business. At present, we represent a leading motor testing company PDMA.

      If the motor testing or predictive maintenance program is needed, PdM Solution offered a complete line of field services. Compliance programs are focused on providing comprehensive reports that allow customers to easily understand and act upon priority items while monitoring less critical concern. This method involves spectral analysis on the motor's current and voltage signals and then compares the measured parameters to a known and learned model of the motor to diagnose various problems.  



    PdM Solution also provides Proactive maintenance services such as laser alignment, precision balancing and vibration analysis. We can conduct the PdM programs for you by assessing your machines and writing the entire data including analysis parameters and vibration limit specifications, as well as collecting and analyzing the data with engineering report, diagnosing possible problems and recommending maintenance.

  Orbit Software       We bring state of the art skills, equipment and predictive maintenance methodology to your plant. So, your staffs work smarter not harder to keep your machinery operating better and longer. Many customers use our services to start up their PdM programs and then transition the program over to their in-house staffs. They realize there is a large potential for saving maintenance costs, increasing production and placing more profit by working together as a team to optimize the benefits of predictive maintenance programs. With all of these, we can lead the way for you to become the good maintenance organization.
      When it comes to support, we strive to deliver to our clients with high standard level of customer service. PdM Solution provide industrial asset management solutions to all industrial site services that wish to maintain their operations up and running continuously, reliably, efficiently and economically.



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