PdM Solution Co., Ltd. provides training program to eliminate unnecessary maintenance, improve quality and increase capacity. Most predictive maintenance programs use vibration monitoring as the key component. The comprehensive programs for rotating equipment will be included other monitoring and diagnostic techniques.



     Predictive maintenance is a philosophy that uses the equipment's operating condition to make data-driven decisions and improve quality, productivity and profitability. During each course, you will learn the theory and application of multiple PdM technologies. Through group activities and case studies, you will determine which predictive technologies to use. 



    Field balancing and dial indicator/laser shaft alignment can be performed off-site or on-site training and seminars tailored to meet specific customer requirements.



   We bring the knowledge and experience to improve your plant. Our monitoring programs using vibration analysis consistently identify maintenance issues before they become critical to a process are typically provide the customer with a cost avoidance return on investment.



    We can help your organization in consultation, build PdM program for best practice and are always available for further support.


 PdM Solution. Co., Ltd. conducts the classes with very experience engineer from in and outside area. We have been working about Predictive Maintenance 

over 30 years which prompt to clarify theory and practical including experience that can transfer to you all.

The classes that we offered are as follow:

                       COURSES                                           DURATION

1. Basic Vibration and Predictive Maintenance                            3

2. Machine Symptom Analysis                                                  2

3. Vibration Instrument Calibration Techniques                          2

4. Rotating part Balancing *                                                     2

5. Machine shaft Alignment *                                                   3

6. CBM (Condition Base Maintenance)                                      1

7. Motor Operation & Motor Current Analysis                           2

* Balancing and Alignment are not over12 pax. (Limitation of simulators), other classes are unlimited.

Customer prepared: Location with Overhead Projector or LCD and white board.

Transportationand accommodation: charge as actual


 The people match to individual class is as follow:    

1. Maintenance Manager

2. Production Manager

3. Maintenance Engineers

4. Mechanical Engineers

5. Electronic and Instrumentation Engineers

6. Electrical Engineers

7. Vibration Technician 8. Mechanic

9. Electronic and Instrumentation Technician

10. Electrician

11. Production Operator



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