Motor Testing

        Motor asset management, inventory levels, in-service failure and scheduled preventive maintenance can all be challenges for any facilities manager of maintenance professional.
              PdM Solution tests motors and circuits at regular intervals, taking into consideration the criticality of the component and the likelihood for failure. We provide both static and dynamic testing for effective diagnosis. Our certified technicians provide onsite testing to minimize the effect on scheduling and equipment operations.
          The motor current analysis is an online test that provides a comprehensive view of the overall motor performance and operating assessment. We perform a number of motor current analysis (MCA) tests, including:
          ♦ Inrush and Start up Analysis
          ♦ Low and High Resolution Current Capture
          ♦ Eccentricity Capture
          ♦ Advanced Spectral Analysis
          ♦ Power Analysis



    The motor current evaluation (MCE) is an offline test that provides a comprehensive view of the overall motor circuit conditions. High frequency AC and low voltage DC signals are transmitted through the circuit to collect the parameters used for diagnosis. Results are trended, compare to the caution and alarm levels, and annotated in red and yellow to alert the user of potential problems. Some of the parameters collected include: 
          ♦ Resistance-to-Ground
          ♦ Capacitance-to Ground
          ♦ Phase Resistance
          ♦ Phase Inductance


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