Vibration Analysis



    One of the earliest sign of machine failure is the propagation of vibration. Although these problems of vibration are present even when a machine sounds and performs normally, PdM Solution can analyze and help you to make informed decisions regarding the health of your machinery by monitoring it with vibration analysis



    Our technicians take reading for amplitude, frequency and phase of vibration, as well as perform a suit of related tests to determine the source and severity of each vibration. Vibration analysis combined with our expertise can troubleshoot, predict and diagnose problems before they occur.



    This gives you the ability to fix only warranted repairs and avoid breakdowns, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity. We create an environment of reliability by examining vibration data and using a technique called vibration spectral analysis to give you the advantage over misalignment, vibration noise, turbulence, faults, damaged parts, worn parts and more. 
   Types of faults identification using vibration analysis:
         • Imbalance                                • Belt Misalignment
         • Coupling Misalignment               • Looseness
         • Resonance                                • Bent Shaft
         • Cocked Bearings                        • Lubrication Faults
         • Flow Turbulence                       • Worn Impeller
         • Anti-friction Bearing Fault           • Inner Race
         • Outer Race                               • Ball/Roller
         • Cage                                        • Cracked Gear Teeth

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