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  PdM Solution Co., Ltd. is your source offering a totally new, expert and more responsive predictive maintenance service. Every Predictive Maintenance Program (PdM) starts with a solid definition of your organization's business. From in-house programs to implement and maintain any size and scope of a condition based maintenance. Train your personnel for in-house data collection, consultation and utilizing our field technicians to ensure your implementation go smoothly.

   Our service team specializes in custom predictive maintenance designed to detect equipment problems before they cause costly downtime. PdM Solution's primary focus on servicing for your industry to increase your reliability and profitability. This means that we can help your company avoid equipment breakdowns.

                    We provide onsite motor testing, vibration analysis and testing services, dial indicator and laser alignment in place machine, field balancing, root cause failure analysis, consulting and predictive maintenance implementation. Your PdM program will be tailored to your exact specifications and requirements. PdM Solution provides leadership and expertise in modern maintenance practices to ensure our customers obtain their goals by monitoring the health and condition of electric motors with PDMA's advance Electric Motor Testing technologies. We will find the solution that best accommodates our customers need.                  Administrator
       Nowadays, most organizations are employing some forms of predictive maintenance in order to predict at least some failures. PdM Solution has capability to deliver consulting, training and services with deeply knowledge and experiences.

Vibration Service: K.Chienchai 064 9525389 email: chienchai@pdms.co.th
Boiler Service : K.Thanachot 087 7752717               email : deesomthanachot@gmail.com

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